Type alias XRMemberSettings

XRMemberSettings: {
    enableDebugImages?: boolean;
    modelTrackerSmoothingFactor?: number;
    modeltrackerQualityThreshold?: number;

Settings for the XRMember.

Type declaration

  • Optional Experimental enableDebugImages?: boolean

    This enables or disables the edge images to be send from the modeltracker. If set to true it will trigger a XRMemberModelTrackerEdgeImgReceivedEvent events once an debug image arrives. Note: When enabled this will impact bandwidth and performance of the application, so we recommend using this only on demand.

  • Optional Experimental modelTrackerSmoothingFactor?: number

    This is a normalized input value for smoothing of the incoming tracker pose, so frequent pose adjustments will be smoothed in, instead of applied directly. A value of 0 will disable pose smoothing and a value of 1.0 will apply maximum smoothness.

  • Optional Experimental modeltrackerQualityThreshold?: number

    This is a normalized threshold for the modeltracker. The threshold determines the actual correspondence of the generated line model to the real world. A value of 1 means total correspondence, while a value of zero means no correspondence at all. Depending on that value the tracker will trigger a XRMemberStateChangedEvent event with the SNAPPED to true and FIXATED set to true