Type alias PointerInfo

PointerInfo: {
    actionTrigger: PointerActionTrigger;
    actionType: PointerActionType;
    canvasCoords: [number, number];
    nodeID: number;
    normal: [number, number, number];
    normalizedPointerCoords: [number, number];
    position: [number, number, number];
    targetNodeID: number;
    viewer: ViewerAPI;
    requestTopologyHandle() => Promise<TopologyHandle>;

Type declaration

  • actionTrigger: PointerActionTrigger

    The trigger of the pointer action.

  • actionType: PointerActionType

    The type of the pointer action.

  • canvasCoords: [number, number]

    The canvas pointer coordinates.

  • nodeID: number

    The current Node ID of the pointer action depending on the expanded state of the Node structure.

  • normal: [number, number, number]

    The 3D normal vector at the current pointer coordinates.

  • normalizedPointerCoords: [number, number]

    The normalized pointer coordinates between [0, 1].

  • position: [number, number, number]

    The 3D position at the current pointer coordinates.

  • targetNodeID: number

    The target Node ID of the pointer action.

  • viewer: ViewerAPI

    A reference to the related Viewer.

  • requestTopologyHandle:function
    • Returns the handle to the Topological Element at the current pointer coordinates

      Returns Promise<TopologyHandle>