Guide: running instant3Dhub with external PostgreSQL

Read First

instant3Dhub comes packaged with PostgreSQL. This guide explains how to provision a separate PostgreSQL instance. It is advised to remove the PostgresSQL services from your deploy configuration if you choose to host your own PostgresSQL instance. Although this might look similar to the LicenseServer install, it uses a different set of Ansible playbooks and does other things.


In order to run an external PostgreSQL with instant3Dhub you need Ansible. If you need guidance on how to install Ansible please refer to our Ansible install guide. The archive containing the Ansible-playbooks can be found in ./init/postgres/instant3Dhub-ansibledb-noarch-*.tgz

Install PostgreSQL

In the following documentation we assume that the PostgreSQL is installed on the same host as the ansible control host. For that reason the following inventory is a localhost inventory.

First unzip the provided instant3Dhub-ansible-noarch-\*.tgz:

tar zxvf ./instant3Dhub-ansible-*.tgz

The folder where this is extracted should now contain a ./PostgreSQL/ folder aswell as ./inventories/ containing example Ansible Inventories.

Create the following hosts.yml:

    ansible_connection: local

Invoke the playbooks:

ansible-playbook -i hosts.yml ./PostgreSQL/pgsql.install.i3dhub3.yml
ansible-playbook -i hosts.yml ./PostgreSQL/pgsql.init.i3dhub3.yml

This installs and initializes a PostgreSQL instance.