instant3Dhub on single node#

Read First#

This guide targets those who have neither an existing k8s cluster nor the resources to set up and manage one. While having a k8s cluster to run instant3Dhub is still a requirement, we provide tools to get all the requirements ready for you on a single CentOS 8 machine. For installing on WINDOWS, please follow the instructions here


The machine where you want to run instant3Dhub should have the following requirements in order to run the system properly:


These minimal resources are required to run instant3Dhub

  • CPU-only: CPU=4 Cores, Mem=16GB

  • with GPU: CPU=8 Cores, Mem=32GB, GPU=1 NVIDIA GPU


  • Snapd is installed and running

  • SELinux is disabled

  • The system has the correct Linux kernel sources from the CentOS repositories

  • If you want to use GPU support, then make sure that the nouveau driver is disabled and that there is no other driver installed on the host system running microk8s.

  • If your system uses firewalld then make sure that masquerade is enabled on the host.

  • You have a running instant3Dhub License Server which can be accessed from the host. For installing instant3Dhub License Server please check the documenation here.

If you are not sure if or how to make your system meets these requirements, then please check and run the script which will reconfigure your system to meet the requirements 1-5. Please note that a restart might be required to make the changes persistent.


For installing instant3Dhub on a single machine:

Clone the release repository

git clone

cd release/references/singleNode/

The script expects these env variables to be set in the setup file:

  • RELEASE_NAME: Is the name of the release to be used when deploying instant3Dhub. This can be any name of your choice. Example: instant3dhub-test. Default is: i3dhub-singlenode.

  • ENTRYPOINT: The external exposure hosts or proxies. Example: Default is: http://your-hostname:30042. For more information on how to set up a proxy please see our guide.

  • REGISTRY: Is the container registry where instant3Dhub images can be fetched. Example: Default is:

  • LICENSE_SERVER: The address of the license server. Example: Default is empty.

  • ENABLE_GPU: Set to true if your system has a GPU and you want to enable it to be used by instant3Dhub visualization services. Default is false.

Please adjust these variables based on your setup.

Now you can install instant3Dhub