instant3Dhub is the only technology providing fully automated Augmented-Reality-as-a-Service for arbitrary data sets. To deliver this best in class solution, instant3Dhub relies on the user devices’ sensor data combined with a robust server-side model-tracking.

visionLib by Visometry#

instant3Dhub’s service-level integration of VisionLib - Visometry’s industry leading computer vision tracking engine ( ) - delivers high-fidelity tracking of moving objects with moving cameras.

  • Employ fully automated object tracking at industrial scale, without manual preprocessing and for arbitrary 3D data sets.

  • Connect your 3D data and business information with real, manufactured objects, for digital twins or the internet of things.

  • Create process-integrated high class augmented reality applications to put object-related information into the visual context of reality for essential AR cases, like Maintenance/Repair Overhaul, Variance Analysis / Marketing & Communication.