To support complex CAD and DMU operations this feature package provides access to the underlying topological structures of your 3D data. Beyond their visualization, this enabled the highlighting of topological faces, edges and points as well as the exploration of relations from the PMI data. These entities are most commonly used as target for algorithmically complex calculations, such as distance measurements or arc measurements. Further features include the generation of cappings or colorization of geometric differences.

Clipping Planes & Clipping Rooms#

Clipping planes are a common tool in CAD used to inspect inner details of your 3D data. Clipping planes can be set dynamically, either by a given position and orientation in the 3D Space, or using derived information from your 3D data e.g., surface properties like normals or edges.


Clipping rooms or clipping volumes are defined by a combination of six planes. As for clipping planes, they can be derived from nodes of the InstanceGraph interactively, for example using the volume of a node.

A detailed example on the usage of the included UI component can be found here.


The capping feature allows the creation and control of cappings for geometry as resulting from a clipping plane. Capping geometries are directly correlated with the individual nodes of the assembly structure which they were derived from.

A detailed tutorial on capping can be found here.


A measurement is defined by a MeasurementType and one or more targets. Depending on the complexity of the measurement, the operation might require a few seconds of computation and utilize a specific service.

Three common types of measurements are:

  • Single Measurement: Single measurement provide detailed information on the properties of a topological entity e.g., it’s surface area, length or volume.

  • Double Measurements: Double Measurement provide information on relations between topological entities e.g., distances or angles. For convenience, the result set automatically matched for the input data types.

  • Arc Measurements: Arc measurements are defined by three points in the 3D Space, typically derived from surfaces of the geometry. They provide information on center, diameter, circumference, angle and axis of the respectively defined arc.

A detailed example can be found here.


This feature allows to explode the geometry in your 3D Space based on an explosion center and using the transformations of your data.

Find a detailed description of the respective elements of the toolbar UI here.